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Do you want a unforgettable experience in amazing nature? 

E-bike rental

Explore the countryside around Hafslo and Veitastrond lakes by e-bike or use the bike to get up in the mountains along old cattle roads and gravel roads. Everywhere with a stunning view, and a short way from a refreshing swim in the lakes. We can especially recommend the bike tour to the remote hamlet Veitastrond, this is 32 km flat terrain along the Veitastrond lake. All the way you see the steep snowcapped mountains and green lake, and the vegetation along the road is like an herbarium with orchids and a vast amount of beautiful flowers. And maybe you will find a wild strawberry or 10 too?
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RIB-tours at Veitastrond lake to Veitastrond village

Join us for an unforgettable boat ride on the Veitastrond lake. You will love the spectacular views boating in the green colored glacier water surrounded by high mountains with their snow covered peaks. Our RIB takes 6 persons, and on the way the driver tells the story of the hard life the people experienced living in high up in these rugged mountains on remote farms. More info and pictures

Guided fishing, flyfishing,  Flyfishing course/training, Freshwater fishing equipment

Our fishing guides will show you the best places for trout fishing in Hafslo lake, and advice the best baites. You can rent fishingpoles and other equipment, and also try flyfishing. After the fishing you can prepare a delicious trout meal together with the guide. We also have boats for rent in Hafslo lake. For those who want to learn flyfishing, we arrange courses. Maximum group size 5 persons. Prices and more info

Kayak rental/guided kayak tours at Hafslo og Veitastrond lakes

We have 2 single and 2 tandem kayaks for rent in Hafslo and Veitastrond lakes. Safety equipment are included in the rental fee, and dry suits for the colder seasons. We also provide guided kayak tours at the lakes. The feeling of gliding in total silence through the green, glass clear water is indescribable – you have to try it to feel it! The tandem kayaks can be used without any pre-experience. The single kayaks requires that you are more experienced, as they are not as sturdy as the tandem kayaks. Children must always sit with their parents in a tandem kayak. Children must be over 5 years old.

Guided hikes in Hafslo and Veitastrond mountains

The area around Hafslo and Veitastrond is full of trails and wonderful viewpoints. You can have tours ranging from 1 hour in relatively flat terrain to several days exploring the mountains around the lakes. Our experienced guides will give you the hike best suited for you, according to your wishes and how experienced hiker you are.

RIB & Hike/Austerdals glacier

Hike in the mountains and book a RIB for your retour. Or maybe you want to book the RIB to drive you to more remote trails where you must cross the lake to get access. We also take you by RIB to Veitastrond, car to Tungestoelen and then an easy hike to “The finest ice scenery in Europe” according to the pioneering English mountain climber William C Slingsby, talking about Austerdalsbreen glacier. This is a tour of 10 km and approximately 4 hours in total.

Guided Snowshoe-tours in Hafslo and Veitastrond area (Winter product)

Not into skiing? Try our guided snowshoe-tours – a short or a long one, exploring the hillsides and mountains around Hafslo and Veitastrond. When you are ready, we make a bonfire and eat our lunch and hot beverage, sitting on our reindeer skin and having a fantastic time! You do not need to have any skills other than be able to walk in the terrain. We choose the trails that fits you the best.

Tobogganing and bonfire/grill (wintertime)

Take the family for a fun break with tobogganing and play in the snow! We take you a short hike to a beautiful viewpoint, make a bonfire, grilling some food, marshmallows, and drink hot beverage (cocoa anyone?) and have fun playing in the snow and enjoying the view and each other’s company.

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