Guided hikes

The area around Hafslo and Veitastrond is full of paths and great viewpoints. You can have trips from 1 hour in relatively flat terrain to several days exploring the mountains around the lakes. Our experienced guides will give you the tour that suits you best, according to your wishes and how experienced a hiker you are.
Here, we have set up four tours with different degrees of difficulty, but if you have special wishes, we will probably find a tour that you will be satisfied with.

Here we arrange attendance according to where you want to go. Good shoes and clothes according to the conditions are advisable. On slightly longer trips, you should also bring a lunch and a water bottle with you.


A short and nice hike that everyone can manage. We start the trip at Galden and walk for about 40 minutes on a nice path in the forest, sometimes a little steep. Once there, we get a great view over Solvorn and the Lustrafjord.


Text and pictures to come.
A nice walk on a forest road. About 3 km before we arrive. There we enjoy the view and have a short break before heading home.
NOK 1500,- per group of 5 people

Skoganipa, 1212 m.

 Parking at Dale, 646 m

The trip starts a little steep, but in great terrain. Slowly but surely we move the 600 meters of altitude it takes to get to Skoganipa. Here we go on a mixture of paths, heather and mountains. We find a nice spot to enjoy the view and take a short break before we start our return journey. The trip takes about 4 hours. NOK 2,000 per group of 5 people.


The view from the top of Molden is perhaps one of the most beautiful in Sogn. On large parts of the trip there are fantastic views.
We expect about 4 hours on the trip, including a break at the top and some stops along the way. From the car park to the top, there is about 600 meters of altitude and 4 km of nice path. From NOK 2000,- per group of 5.